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The season is open : Thursday evening 3x3 Afterwork Competition

It is under a heavy sun and summer temperatures that the Golf de Pra Roman inaugurated, last Thursday, its first 3x3 Afterwork Competition of the season. Bringing together 15 participants, this competition was played under the Scramble formula - an ideal (and less intimidating) formula for bringing together players of different levels, including beginners. Three teams competed against each other. There were good shots, also misfires, but without serious consequences thanks to the Scramble formula. In the end, there was a winning team, but that's secondary, because the most important thing is that everyone had fun playing together during this first edition of the season.

After the effort the comfort! This is the particularity of this event at the Golf de Pra Roman. The Thursday evening competitions are always followed by barbecues in the "Golf de Pra Roman style". Barbecues are available and everyone can come and bring what he/she wants to eat and drink in order to share a convivial moment in the middle of nature. A moment so appreciated that it is common to find yourself with more people during the BBQ than on the golf course - Well sometimes, it is comfort above all. Moreover, a big thank you to Julia and Stéphane LAI, owner of the Shangri-Là Restaurant in Lausanne, who came to visit us with exquisite lacquered pork. Mmmm a real delight!

Is your mouth watering? If you missed this edition, no problem ! We have planned other dates throughout the season. Visit our event page to view the agenda.


What is the Scramble formula?

At the start of each hole all the players of the team play a ball, then the team (or its captain if he/she has been appointed) chooses the ball which it considers to be the best. This ball is marked and picked up or played by the player to whom it belongs and the other picked up balls are successively placed on this spot and then played. The team or its captain again chooses the better ball and so on until the hole is completed.


In pictures: competition of May 19, 2022


The next 3x3 Afterwork Competition

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