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Data Protection Declaration of Golf de Pra Roman SA

1. Principle

Protecting your privacy is important to us. This data protection declaration details which personal data we process and for what purpose when you become a member of our club or visit our website.

2. Responsible

The body responsible for compliance with data protection regulations is:

Golf de Pra Roman SA

Ch. du Chalet de Pra Roman 11

PO Box

1000 Lausanne 26

Pierre Rindlisbacher

021 784 38 25

3. Processing of personal data

The personal data that you make available to us is useful to us for the proper functioning of the club. We process information that you voluntarily provide to us when making contact (e.g. by post, e-mail, contact form, social media or telephone), creating your user account or registering for membership.

This personal data is used in particular for the following purposes:

  • Managing your membership and access to golf

  • Maintaining a list of members

  • Maintaining lists of groups (Ladies, Seniors and Juniors)

  • Billing and collection of member contributions and other services

  • Registration for tournaments

  • Sending correspondence

  • Sending mail by golf

  • Registration and publication of registrations and start lists for tournaments

  • Publication of competition results

4. Personal data of third parties

If you transmit personal data of third parties to us, you have an obligation to commit to these third parties to guarantee the protection of their data as well as its accuracy.

5. Processing of personal data by third parties

We may commission third parties to process personal data, process them in collaboration with or with the assistance of third parties or transmit this data to third parties. These third parties are service providers, clubs, to which we use. We guarantee adequate protection of your data by these third parties.

Your personal data is transmitted to the following recipients, including recipients based abroad:

Recipients and location


Suppliers of data management software if it is stored on their premises

Digital Golf Solutions

Local Search

To various golf clubs in Switzerland and abroad

Data protection declaration of each club

To tour operators or aviation companies during trips organized by the Golf de Pra Roman

Data protection declaration of aviation companies and travel agencies

To the Swiss authorities

Data protection declaration of the authorities

6. Data Security

We implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure data protection, particularly their security.


7. Use of the Website (Cookies and Server Log Files)

We may use cookies on our website. By "cookies," we mean data stored in your browser. These may be our own cookies (first-party cookies) or those of third parties whose services we use (third-party cookies). This stored data is not necessarily limited to traditional text-based cookies.

When you visit our website, there are two possibilities. Cookies may either be temporarily saved in your browser (session cookies), in which case they are automatically deleted when you close your browser, or they may be stored for a specified period; these are then permanent cookies. They allow us, for instance, to recognize your browser on your next visit to the website and thus to measure the reach of the website. Permanent cookies may also be used for online marketing purposes.

You can disable or delete all cookies, or only some of them, at any time in your browser settings.

For each access to the site, we may collect the following data (if transmitted to our server infrastructure by your browser or identified by our web server): date and time (including time zone), IP address, access status, operating system (including user interface and version), browser (including language and version), sub-page of our website visited (including amount of data transmitted), and finally, website visited in the same browsing window.

We store this information, which may contain personal data, in log files on the server. This information is necessary for us as it enables us to offer a sustainable, user-friendly, and reliable online service and to ensure data security and therefore the protection of personal data. For this purpose, we may engage third parties or enlist their assistance.


8. Notifications and messages

We send notifications and messages, such as newsletters, via email or other channels like instant messaging.

Notifications and messages may contain hyperlinks or web beacons that detect whether a message has been opened and on which link the recipient clicked. These hyperlinks and web beacons may also record how an individual uses notifications and messages. We need these usage statistics to measure the effectiveness and reach of our communications and, consequently, to be able to offer over time user-friendly, effective, and secure notifications and messages that meet the needs and reading habits of the recipients.


9. Requests for Information by Concerned Individuals

To the extent they are affected by the processing of their data, our members - as well as individuals outside the club - enjoy the following rights :

  • Right of access: any concerned individual can request whether their personal data is being processed and for what purposes.

  • Right to receive or transmit data: any concerned individual can request that their personal data be provided to them or transmitted to a third party.

  • Right to rectification: any concerned individual can request the correction of inaccurate personal data.

We guarantee that any request received from individuals concerned with data processing is forwarded within 48 hours to the person responsible for data protection. The request thus forwarded must be accompanied by confirmation that the identity of the person making the request has been verified.


10. Final Provisions

We reserve the right to modify and supplement this data protection statement at any time. We will inform you properly of any adaptations and additions made, notably by publishing the new version of the data protection statement on our website.

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